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16 Apr 2014
9 Apr 2014

REPORT: National Day Celebration of Mauritius and Bangladesh at GTU on 1st March 2014, a program by GTU's Post-graduate Research Center for Global Business Studies

15 Mar 2014  Important: IEP 2014 Application date extended 
5 Mar 2014

REPORT: Celebration of the National Days of Sri Lanka and Iran at GTU on 8th Febnruary 2014

1 Mar 2014

Application Date extended for International Experience Program at Laurentian University, Canada and Wismar University,Germany. 

6 Feb 2014
11 Jan 2014
7 Jan 2014 Announcement of International Experience Program(IEP) 2014 at Kansas State University,USA
7 Jan 2014
5 Jan 2014


30 Dec 2013


30 Dec 2013

Report: Acquainting International Students with GTU’s Higher Education System 07-12-2013

30 Dec 2013

For Trustees and Managing Directors of MBA Institutes: A Seminar on Global Country Study Program: Key to Explore Global Market

20 Dec 2013
17 Dec 2013
16 Dec 2013
12 Dec 2013

Guidelines for International Students' Mentors by ISA    

12 Dec 2013

Prerequisites and Ideal Guidelines to face GTU’s Examination Succesfully

12 Dec 2013

Report: Workshop on Mentoring the Mentors for International Students

11 Dec 2013

Report: A One Day International Seminar on Sustainable Energy organized by Centre for Environment and Green Technologies and Indo-German Study Centre

4 Dec 2013

Call for Articles/Papers for Special Issue of Anantyam

4 Dec 2013

Invitation to GTU's All International Students in the Workshop on "Acquainting International Students with GTU's Higher Education System" Register before Thursday, 5th December, 2013  Registration

15 Nov 2013

Invitation for One Day Seminar on 'Sustainable Energy' organized by Centre for Environment and Green Technology and Indo-German Study Centre. Dt: 20th November 2013

22 Oct 2013
22 Oct 2013
7 Oct 2013
7 Oct 2013
4 Oct 2013
2 Oct 2013

National Day Celebration of CHINA and NIGERIA on 5th October 2013

23 Aug 2013

REPORT: GTU celebration of National Days of Indonesia and Afghanistan by GTU's Post-graduate Centre for Global Business Studies

12 Aug 2013

Academic Report from KSU: (i) Online Learning Management System, (ii) Design problem as a part of coursework, (iii) Visiting Experts as an essential part of a course – are things we can learn from KSU

15 Jul 2013

 MBA - GCSR 2013 - 14 Country Allocation

24 May 2013

GCSR 2013 - Circular for Final Report Submission

17 May 2013

Guidelines for MBA Practical/Viva examinations (May 2013)

10 May 2013

19th May 2013: A full day Workshop for allocation of GCSR countries to MBA Institutes; All Directors and GCSR coordinators to Attend.

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